Ilegal Mezcal Training with Gilbert Marquez

Join Ilegal Mezcal Global Brand Ambassador Gilbert Marquez for an in-depth look at what makes Ilegal the world's premiere mezcal brand, with a focus on production, history of the brand, and its social and cultural impact.

Trainings take place on Zoom and involve discussion between Gilbert and the audience. Please plan to have your camera on and to be in a quiet location.

About Ilegal Mezcal

Around 2004, Ilegal's founder John Rexer began smuggling mezcal from Oaxaca to Café No Sé, his clandestine bar and music hub in Antigua, Guatemala. The mezcal became popular very quickly. In 2006, John created the brand Ilegal, originally just to supply the bar. On the back of each bottle of Ilegal you will find it says "Originally produced for: Café No Sé, Mezcal Bar."

Handcrafted in small batches in Oaxaca, Mexico, Ilegal Mezcal has a beautifully balanced profile, with a mouthful of agave and a hint of smoke. Our practices reflect our commitment to sustainability and biodiversity in the Oaxaca region. Commitment to quality is apparent in every step of our process, from harvest to first sip.