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7 Year Añejo – 750ml

7 Year Añejo – 750ml

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Aged for over seven years in 35 barrels of French Oak, Ilegal Mezcal 7 Year Añejo is exceptionally smooth and especially rare.

The 7 Year Añejo makes for an exceptional gift, or an ideal sidekick to break out on a special night.

Awards & Recognition
96 points on Wine Enthusiast
Double Platinum at the 2023 ASCOT Awards
Double Gold at SF World Spirits
Agave Spirit of 2022 by Bloomberg

7 Year Añejo is still in stores in select markets - use our interactive PRODUCT FINDER to locate a store near you.

Tasting Notes

Ilegal 7 Year Añejo has been aged for over seven years in 35 barrels of French Oak.

The nose is sweet roasted agave with baked apple and a subtle oak and earthiness. There’s a smooth texture on the palate, complemented by peppery heat, with layered notes of honey, dark chocolate, and figs.

Roasted, sweet agave lingers on the finish, with a silky heat carrying the fading hints of vanilla and dark chocolate.

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